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Come experience Vie's philosophy of yoga and her signature style of dance. 

Classes occur ONLY ON Oct. 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th:

6pm- 7pm CoreKinetics Yoga

60 Minutes


The foundation of Vie’s yoga practice and professional dance maintenance, CoreKinetics Yoga is a stylized guided vinyasa practice centered around core strength that bridges breath and flow to continuous dance motion. It nurtures the independence of Yogi Artists to hear the guidance, learn the movement and repeat independently.

7:15pm - 8:45pm Urban Contemporary Dance

90 Minutes (Sneakers Required*)


A combination of house dance, contemporary modern and improvisational speaking with the body through rhythm. This class is a glimpse into the signature style of Vie's stage performance as a vocal recording artist. Rhythm based foot work, wide grounded movements through space and space and guidance to speak with the body in relationship to music.

*In order to maintain the integrity of the floors as well as studio health sneakers must be clean on the bottom. Please bring a second pair that you do not wear outside.

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About Vie Boheme:

Vie Boheme is a Motown native, blossomed in Pittsburgh andrefined in Minneapolis. She is a fusion artist; a singer dancer and choreographer.Her sound is a fusion of Soul, Funk, Jazz, R&B and Pop. She brings athletic agility to her vocal performance by singing and dancing in unison, eliminating the boundary between the visual and audio experience.


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Core Kinetics Yoga Workshop
9:30 PM21:30

Core Kinetics Yoga Workshop

The Core Kinetics Yoga system combines elements of Vinyasa and Power yoga with movement and rhythm in order to melt space, time and sound together providing a unique means of being available in the present moment. Benefits include increased capacity for upper and lower body integration, increased blood flow through the body and joints, increased proprioception and teaches one to use the ancient practice of uddiyana bandha, core lock, to allow for intentional direction of energy and awareness. 

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